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Cuarzo Premium Progressives

Cuarzo Premium Progressive

Our screen-obsessed culture has put a toll on our eyes. That is why you need modern solutions for all your vision challenges. Cuarzo presents multifocal lens that is custom-made for work, studies and general usage. The New HDV design offers a wide vision for all areas and a comfortable change between near and far vision for an outstanding all around vision. Your view will be really natural and you’ll even be able to read small digital information. Independent of the lifestyle, with the ULTRA HD+ design you meet highest expectation.

Why Cuarzo Progressives?

Get crystal clear vision with Cuarzo Progressives. Whether it is distance, computer usage or reading usage, our softer progressive lenses have you covered. Offering a continuous field of vision, these lenses also reduce the maximum amount of unwanted astigmatism. Enjoy sharper vision, even in dim light and get rid of blurriness and vision difficulties in low-light conditions. Ultimately, Cuarzo Progressives help you restore your natural vision, far better than ordinary progressive lenses or bifocals.


• Better fitting lenses and unlimited frame options.
• Reclaim your attractive appearance.
• Also available with state of the art technologies: Photochromic & DuraCoating.

  • Enjoy comfort and precision with exceptional FreeForm technology.
  • including: Color Chronic & HeavyCoating.
  • Get the fitting height and frame of your choice. Best prices for progressive lenses on the market.